SIR is a group of women brought together by a passion for saving animals. We focus on rescuing those at Jackson Co., GA Animal Control, but we help wherever we can. We are a registered GA non-profit and were granted our 501(c)(3) exempt status 1/23/2018.

Our mission is to secure the rescue/adoption of at-risk dogs and cats in Jackson County, GA, both those in custody of Jackson County Animal Control and others at high risk of dying or being euthanized within Jackson County, GA. This is done by a group of unpaid volunteers both local and out of state, as well as some of our Board members (also unpaid). Our mission furthers our exempt purpose of preventing animal cruelty by preventing the euthanization of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats. We spend 100% of our time, effort and funds on this activity.

To do this we will solicit funds from the general public to pay for the county’s fees required to relinquish control of the animal(s), any additional medical care needed, transport costs, boarding and other expenses generated from the rescue process.


We do not adopt out animals to the public; that is the function of Animal Control. We facilitate rescue of the unadopted dogs and cats by reputable, licensed rescues both in Georgia and out of state.


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