How is your money spent?


SIR/Sisters In Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. All of your donations are tax-exempt and we gladly provide tax documentation letters.

Pull Fees: The county charges us $100 per cat and $150 to relinquish the animal into our control. These fees cover spay/neuter, combo test for cats/heartworm test for dogs, basic vaccines, flea-tick prevention application and micro-chip.

Additional Vetting: Many of the animals we facilitate rescue for have medical conditions that need treatment. These can range from minor issues such as worms or coccidia ($12-$25 to treat) to major issues such as fractures, heartworms, wounds, etc., that can cost over $1,000 to treat. None of these items is covered by the pull fees.

Transport: While we love to keep the costs down by using local rescues, they are, unfortunately, usually at or over capacity. Therefore a large number of our animals go out of state, which generally requires paying commercial transport fees of $50-$150 per animal. Regardless of how they get there, any of our dogs and cats crossing state lines must have health certificates, ranging from $25-$50 per animal.

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